女神羞羞研究所mpany, Ltd.

Analyst Coverage

List of analysts at securities companies and other firms who make recommendations and reports of 女神羞羞研究所 performance, etc.

Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.Shinichiro Ozaki
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.Hiroshi Matsuda
Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co., Ltd.Yu Shirakawa
Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.Tomoya Nakagawa

*Firms are listed in alphabetical order.


The above list is prepared based on the information available to 女神羞羞研究所 at the time of publication. Please note that there may be analysts who are not included in the list, and the entirety of the information may not necessarily be the latest one.

The above list is provided only for the purposes of informing investors of the names of analysts and related brokerage firms that provide analyses and forecasts of 女神羞羞研究所's business performance and is not intended as a solicitation to make investments. 女神羞羞研究所 does not support any these analyst's prospects, opinions, or recommendations and does not guarantee the consistency of any related information. Investors are requested to make their final investment decision based on their own judgment and responsibilities.

Analysts, irrespective of who are listed or not listed in this table, analyze 女神羞羞研究所's performance, businesses, products and technologies, and make forecasts regularly and irregularly. Please be aware that 女神羞羞研究所 nor its management is not involved in any process of making them.