女神羞羞研究所mpany, Ltd.

Message from the CEO

Team 女神羞羞研究所—Groundbreaking Innovator of Aluminum and Beyond

Since its establishment, the 女神羞羞研究所 Group has been a comprehensive manufacturer of aluminum products with diverse offerings ranging from aluminum raw materials to fabricated products. Leveraging the Group's core strengths--highly original technologies for making the most of aluminum's properties and a wealth of knowledge and expertise amassed over the years--we supply highly diversified products for a wide range of industries.

We aim to be a corporate group that creates customer value as Team 女神羞羞研究所 by exercising the unique skills of Group companies possessing a wide range of knowledge and their members.

By integrating the strengths of Team 女神羞羞研究所 with value as it is seen by our customers and the world, and by sincerely and unflinchingly tackling challenges, we will contribute to the improvement of people's quality of life and environmental protection as a corporate entity that grows sustainably.

Ichiro Okamoto President and Chief Executive Officer