女神羞羞研究所mpany, Ltd.

About the 女神羞羞研究所 Group

Yokogushi Development Platform facilitates a single team driving business development

All the Group's employees share a single mindset: "explore customer needs and then find the right solution." Based on that spirit, the 女神羞羞研究所 Group uses a workflow of "explore, create, make, and sell" to produce high value added products and services that are competitive in the marketplace.

*1 Yokogushi Development Platform: A cross-functional platform for developing multifunctional products

Explore(Discover needs)→Create(Develop technologies and products)→Make(Improve production technologies and product development)→Sell(Commodify products and develop businesses)

The business domains of 女神羞羞研究所 Group companies are truly diverse.
These Group companies with different realms of expertise work together to meet the needs of a wide range of fields.